ROME: 2 Catholic Basilicas to be desecrated by heretical Anglican services

Editor’s Note: The Anglican Church having broken with the Church founded by Jesus Christ in the 16th century, replaced Christ with the King of England, and prevented its Bishops from receiving consecration from any previous bishops, such that all the Anglican clergy today are merely laymen aping clergy. For that reason, in the Catholic Church we consider their rituals sacrilegious farces. Moreover, the Anglican Church has renounced faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ on numerous points such as the indissolubility of Matrimony (Matthew 19:3-12), the reality of the Eucharist as Christ’s real Body and Blood (Matthew 26:26-28), the power of Orders (John 20:22-23), an all male priesthood, the indefectibility of the Church (Matthew 16:18), and the mandate of Christ to the Apostles (Matthew 28:19), while accepting nearly all the abominations cursed by God (Apocalypse 21:18 and 1 Timothy 1:9-11), such that all their services are an offensive mockery to the living God. For this reason in the last 500 years no Anglican cleric has ever been allowed to celebrate in a Catholic Church. To do so, does not promote unity, but offends the Divine Majesty and calls down the Vengeance of God. — Besides, the city of Rome has numerous Anglican or Protestant Churches where Anglican clerics can celebrate. They need not  do it in Catholic Basilicas.

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4 thoughts on “ROME: 2 Catholic Basilicas to be desecrated by heretical Anglican services”

  1. So much Apostasy in the Vatican…Deplorable!!! Make’s me cry…Do you cry about this, Brother? Am I the only one?

    1. It worries me to the foundation of my soul. I feel like I am watching a holy woman being raped and no one in authority wants it to stop.

  2. We know that England will be converted – Our Lady of La Salette – I believe it will coincide with a terribe defeat of the country. I beleive that it also can only come about with a Catholic Monarch assuming the throne. The decrepit House of Windsor, globalists all, has cooked their goose. I pray that I live to see it.

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