2 thoughts on “Musk is blocking this Tweet as if it were pornography”

  1. Just watched ‘Explaining the Faith’ from the National Shrine of Divine Mercy with Fr. Chris Alar yesterday. In his presentation addressing Martyrdom and Church Persecution he reported and showed pictures of buttons being worn in D.C. stating
    “I Hate christians” with a lower-case ‘c’ at around minute 4:46.
    Mr. Musk dressed as Baphomet at Halloween two Halloween’s ago, as displayed by you in a ‘FromRome’ Post. He has been asked point blank in a ‘Babylon Bee’ Interview of rather or not he was a Christian and he ‘himmed and hawed’ while claiming he does believe there to be a God…Which is a denial of the actual God and accepting another as God. Is stunning to me when people trust Musk for many reason; not the least of which is knowing those he associated most with in his past even though they all paint him an enemy now.

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