Issues with (Br) Alexis Bugnolo, Ordo Militaris & FromRome ?

For nearly 3 years, Father Matthew Scheider, L.C., a zealous supporter of the Covid Vaccines and Covid health controls has trolled Br. Bugnolo on numerous platforms and with dozens of social media posts. To an objective observer, it is obvious that Father is obsessed with damaging the reputation of Br. Bugnolo in every possible way, to silence him as a critic of Big Pharma, Globalism, Pope Francis etc..

Since search engines are directing all inquiries about who Br. Bugnolo is to Fr. Schneider’s articles, even though Father has never met Brother Bugnolo or seen any documentation to verify his libelous claims against him and the organizations he works with, FromRome.Info wil pubish this archive of rebuttals that Br. Bugnolo has written exposing the faulty arguments, libelous statements, defamation and calumny he is engaged in.

Father Matthew Schneider, L. C., has updated his original attack article at Patheos where the Editors have never reached out to ask Br. Bugnolo to give his side. Though refuted amply by Br. Bugnolo, Father has only launched new attacks and attempted to illustrate his own with documents and testimonies, which do not prove his interpretation of facts. — And lest there be any misrepresentation of what is meant here: you can only prove an accusation with a document which affirms the truth of the accusation. A document, which cites a fact and then is interpreted by the same interpretation as the accusation employs, does not prove the accusation or the interpretation. Ask anyone with experience in evidentiary law, if you need to verify this.

Brother Bugnolo’s Rebuttals

Brother replied to the original version of Father Schneider’s attacks in 2021

This article opens with this observation by Br. Bugnolo, speaking of Father’s claims against him:

This first is that the author claims I am not a brother, nor a religious.

To achieve this, the author resorts to the definitions of words which do not apply to me and then implies I am a liar for using words in a sense different than the definitions he uses.

This was the first article Brother wrote about Father Schneider, omitting his name for charity sake. That favor was not only not reciprocated but evidently sparked an explosion of hate on Father’s part.

Br. Bugnolo was interviewed by A.J. Baalman about Fr. Scheider’s accusations in this program, in the fall of 2023:

Father Schneider attacks others with “unending lies”

It seems that Father is a professional troll.

In this article, Dr. Casey concludes thus, speaking of Father Schneider’s style of argumentation:

What he does know is that if he can dispense with whatever definitions he wants, whenever he wants, in favor of his own definitions, he can continue to spread whatever lies he wants to further his agenda. When he does, we’ll be here to correct him.

Father Schneider accused of being a shill for BigPharma

Father’s original stated motive for attacking Br. Bugnolo was Bugnolo’s opposition to the Scamdemic.

CREDITS: The title of this article is taken from Father Schneider’s original articles and the copies found of it elsewhere. It is used here for editorial purposes, since the above article here at FromRome responds to its accusations.

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