Pope Francis wants to deconstruct the Church of Jesus Christ, give power to women

Editor’s Note: There is a lot of heresy and apostasy contained in the agenda to “demasculinize the Church”.

First, because the Church is the Body of Christ. And Christ is a man. So if you want to demasculinize it, then you want Christ to undergo a sex change operation; or at least that is what you are saying on a theological level, if we are to employ an analogy to understand it.

Second, because the Church is Christ’s Immaculate Bride. So if you want to demasculinize Her, then you suffer from gender disphoria and lack the ability to correctly identify Her gender.

Third, because if you mean by the word, Church, in the phrase,  “demasculinize the Church”, “the clergy”, then you suffer from the worst kind of clericalism: theological clericalism, which only thinks the Clergy are part of the Church.

Fourth, if you mean by the objective of demasculinize, to authorize women bishops, priests and popes, then you are an apostate.

This call itself should be grounds to remove the man from the papacy as a public heretic.

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4 thoughts on “Pope Francis wants to deconstruct the Church of Jesus Christ, give power to women”

  1. Of course, he wishes to de-masculinize the Church and Jesus Christ because the masculine nature is to be protective and to fight to destroy evil when operating with Jesus…That’s the opposite of what The Black Nobility pushing Witchcraft, Pagan Earth Mother Cult and all the old Pagan Cults espouse. With Polytheism; one can just align with whatever demon/sin/addiction that most appeals to any individual. Since the advent of Pachamama with the attendant ‘Human Sacrifice’ on the Alter…How can this be a surprise for anybody?

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