Preparing for the next Psyop, the Disease X Pandemic — Dr. Jane Ruby

Editor’s Note:As we approach the WHO Pandemic Treaty ratification in May, many experts on the Globalist Scamdemic will speak on the topic of how to prepare oneself spiritually, psychologically, financially, physically, etc.. FromRome.Info will feature all the speakers as they speak. Here is Dr. Jane Ruby’s contribution.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for the next Psyop, the Disease X Pandemic — Dr. Jane Ruby”

  1. Remember the warning of Dr. Buttar just before he died. Basically Marburg (or some other desease) was in the covid injection and will be activated by 5G bursts.

  2. I don’t think there is a payload I think that is rubbish. It is to tell people again that there is something contagious to worry about rather that look at the real cause that could be in their town, in the home, in their hand etc. Anyone associated with the reawaken Trumptard tour needs to be scrutinised its all the false light Trump the false Messiah is going to save the day BS. They are however spraying all kinds of crap on us but see its always about distraction from the real threats. Nanotech, EMF, Chemtrails. There is always the truth, the lie and the distraction.

  3. 5G used soon to strike all those tagged as targets injected with their poisons…
    No ‘Disease X, Y, or Z’…Just propaganda to further nullify Teh Constitution allowing UNELECTED Nazi Deep State loyal to the Black Nobility in Europe to cling to power and able to FORCE human beings into death or slavery. All death already inside human beings and waiting for the corrct frequencies to activate.

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