VATICAN Appeals court gives Pedophile Seminary Rector rap on the wrist for 5 years of abuse

Editor’s Note: The worst sin of any human person against another consists in the breach of trust since that violates both justice, mutual love, and affection. Under this genus of sin, murder is the worst physically and calumny is the worst reputationally, but sexual abuse is the worst psychologically. And when the latter is committed by someone who holds the public trust in the highest degree, as an ambassador of God, it is the most grave. Thus when a priest sexually abuses anyone it is an abomination, and even worse when the victim is male and a child. But it is worst of all when it is committed on Church property, in a holy place. So when it is committed at the Vatican in a pre-Seminary program, the punishment should be momentous, even if the crime be perpetrated only once.

So to give this perp only 6 months of jail time for each year of abuse of a student is a moral outrage of the highest degree. It is, equivalent, to sticking up the middle finger to all victims of sexual abuse round the world.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis who is totally responsible for this outrage, encourages everyone to drink wine. I kid you not.

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3 thoughts on “VATICAN Appeals court gives Pedophile Seminary Rector rap on the wrist for 5 years of abuse”

  1. I lived with a woman, dressed in a “full blown” white.. nun’s habit for TWO years.. and called her “Sister”. Rent free and given lots of money. One victim was about to hand over a $36K Certified Cheque.. because .. she.. “thought” she was.. a nun. I also “Love” this poor woman, but am deeply concerned about her .. soul.. her.. “mental health” and about the “trauma” she caused to her previous “vulnerable” victims.. (without apology) besides the TOTAL “Blasphemy” in MY .. “Beloved “Catholic Church” .which is ..EXTREMELY Difficult.. for me to bear!! We are talking.. “False Impersonation” “Elder Abuse” and “Fraud”, This has been going on for.. nine months.. nothing.. She is “trying” now to re reinstate her vows.. she left .. years ago.. she had so many possessions she can’t fit in anywhere.. also “totally “ organic.. $4K water filter. My last attempt to the Archdiocese.. will. be .. to suggest they do a “character reference” on this poor woman, Most of us love God with our whole, heart, mind and souls.. pray without ceasing.. but we don’t go prancing around like the “Sacred”. It makes a difference! This is not “sexual” abuse, it is Elder abuse, false impersonation and fraud.. and it has made me.. and others sick.. especially me.. because it was TWO years!! I am doing this for “Love” only .. it really.. hurts.. so much! Br. B. You are GREAT.. Thank you 😊❤️🙏 and AJ 🤣🙏

    1. Many religious are deeply scarred when they are expelled. And some women religious are only well in a cloistered monastery, where they are not in control of anything.

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