4 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo interviews A.J. Baalman about OMC Radio TV”

  1. You said a whole ‘mouthful’ here, Br. Bugnolo…About A.J. and the Apostolate. Since the OSS became the CIA; a Quasi-Governmental Agency established by GCHQ/Mi5/6 with the Dulles Bros. following WWII…In reality; it’s the Fabianists out of Oxford with The Central Banker Family Cartel and the old Monarchs with their Peerage and the Treasonous Neo-Bourgeoisie of the States destroying the Church.
    The Royal Institute for International Affairs ran by The Black Nobility is the UMBRELLA over The Council For Foreign Relations AND all decisions in the world inclusive of the U.S. since the 60’s after Kennedy’s assassination, or approximate date of Vatican II.
    The U.S. is NOT the U.S. as outlined by Katherine Watt, a Roman Catholic, from Substack’s ‘Bailiwick News’, Journalist/Para-Legal out of PA. With hundreds of Regulations snuck into all forms of legislation from Congress to UNELECTED DEEP STATE NAZI’S to Executive Orders…The Constitution is nullified and the Fabianist/Imperial Nazi Regulations are now the LAW. LINK:

    Never read the Time/Life Book. Not sure of where to get it.

  2. I must say that OMC Radio TV channel did not show up in searches for me on Odysee under the search “Ordo Militaris” for months. It started working again as of the inception of writing this comment and going to check

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