ITALY: Diocese of Viterbo denounces Viganò’s project to the Vatican

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The above is the news article by La Repubblica, the leading Marxist newspaper of Rome. It mentions that the property of the Hermitage belonged to the Alfieri noble family. — Former monasteries in Italy are often in private hands, following the universal confiscation of ecclesiastical properties at the time of the “Risorgimento”, the Masonic take over of Italy in the 19th century. —  Here is the original Italian Announcement by the Diocese of Viterbo, which is the only substantial thing reported by La Repubblica.

The above contains a link to a PDF in Italian. Here is an English translation. It is noteworthy that no one signed the Notice. In Italian Law the Dioceses have the de facto ability to make public notices which gravely injure the reputation of private or public persons. No legal recourse is possible, as it is considered in law to be a matter of the internal discipine of the Church. But those pushing apostasy for 70s have frequently made use of it, as all the persecuted Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religion and Laymen know well enough. Thus that no one signs the statement means that the one who ordered it published knows he is acting dishonestly. In fact, the use of the property for formation programs of any kind does not in Italian law fall under the jurisdiction of the Church, even though the property is a historical ecclesiastical monument. — The proper response of the Diocese in my opinion should have been to contact the principals of the associations involved and spoken to them in private. This seems not to have been done.

However, from this Press Release it cannot be discerned whether a denunciation was recently made or whether the matter is already well known at the Vatican. As far as statements made by others, that is hearsay. And as far as statements made by Exsurge Domine, the use of the property does not seem to constitute any sort of crime in Canon Law, per se; though the statement below makes it seem that the Diocese may have denounced Viganò and his associates for the crime of schism. But schism does not consist in private initiatives without the permission of the Pope or the local Bishop. So that charge, in justice, won’t stick.

This development just confirms what I have written, namely, that the best and only course of defense against a heretical conspiracy against the Church, ascribed to by the Roman Pontiff himself, is to recognize and declare the Apostolic See impeded by this heretical profession and to proceed directly to the reconstitution of the ecclesiastical order where this is juridically permissible, aiming at the causes of the problem and not simply attempting to provide temporary remedies.

PRESS RELEASE n° 02 of 23 January 2024
“Regarding the events linked to the Palanzana Hermitage”

Regarding the events related to the Palanzana Hermitage, located in the Municipality of Viterbo, and to the news that follows on various social networks and on the bodies of Press related to activities and projects related to this place and people that refer to it, the Episcopal Curia of the Diocese of Viterbo specifies the following:
– The story was followed as much as possible, given the relevant context to private property that refers to a non-association linked to the Diocese of Viterbo;
– The Priests and religious people, who in some way are present in this Hermitage, are not incardinated in the Diocese of Viterbo;
– All matters relating to past and current events related to this place and to the people who refer to it in various capacities, are brought to the attention of the ecclesiastical authorities and departments competent.

The Curia of the Diocese of Viterbo recommends careful vigilance to the Faithful so that no one gets involved in the choices of those who tend to undermine the unity of the ecclesial body. Renewing, therefore, complete adherence to the Person of Pope Francis and his Magisterium, urges us to walk in the communion of the Church, which finds in the Successor of Peter “the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity”.

Viterbo, 23 January 2024 — The Diocesan Chancery

The Diocese of Viterbo has already received numerous petitions to convene a Provincial Council in the ecclesiastical Province of Rome, to call Pope Francis to order and demand certain proofs that his claim to the papacy is valid. Thus, that the Diocese is lightning quick to denounce the work of Archbishop Viganò, but has NOT, to my knowledge, yet responded to any one of the petitioners nor taken action as asked, argues strongly that Bishop Piazza has given his profession over to the heretical conspiracy led by Pope Francis with ‘Fiducia supplicans’, because to tolerate the intolerable and to call for the faithful to hold fast to any man — even a claimant to the Papal Office — who has subscribed to a heretical profession, is a gravely offensive moral act in the sight of God and of all Christians, in addition being an act of schism punishable under canon 1364 with latae sententiae excommunication; and in 1365 with removal from office.

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