VATICAN: Council of Cardinals Member, Cardinal Lacroix, accused of sexual abuse

Editor’s Note: Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec City, Canada, has just become the highest Vatican official ever to be accused of sexual abuse of a minor. This should be front page news on all Catholic outlets by this afternoon. — This is more egg in the face of the Bergoglian pontificate and shows what kind of men he has the proclivity to promote.

The Council of Cardinals is Pope Francis’ Administrative Body of the highest level for giving him advice on how to govern. Thus Cardinal Lacroix holds a position analogous to a Cabinet position in a parliamentarian government.

Here is the Cardinal’s ecclesiastical career in profile from Catholic-Hierarchy.Org:

His principal consecrator is Cardinal Ouellet, who is also being sued for sexual abuse of minors.

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN: Council of Cardinals Member, Cardinal Lacroix, accused of sexual abuse”

  1. br bugnolo notice that here in quebec card lacroix and mgr lepine like and accept fssp , it s a blessing to have them in quebec because of what the novus ordo and the many abuses .there., Many faithfull here in montreal we are very thankfull to God to finally have tradition and no;t only what sadly we endure in novus ordo.
    We think that like for bs S kirtland, Rey in Frejis toulon France
    and good cardinals or bishops around the world
    that they want to get rid of them and replace by bishops
    who listen to pope francis traditioness custodes and that s it
    for latin mass and next the novus ordo , the consecration in the mass will be change and that s it and the poeple who don t t kno;w the importance of the words of consecration won t even know that the consecration is invalid and that
    the sacrements aren t there anymore and Jesus
    not there because invalid consecration l, ..
    That s what satan wants, no more masses ….

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