GERMANY: Over 3500 victims of sexual abuse in Protestant Churches surveyed

Editor’s Note: While news about Protestants is off topic, here at FromRome.Info, I am including this report for record, so that Catholics can make comparisons and learn better the causes of this evil.

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2 thoughts on “GERMANY: Over 3500 victims of sexual abuse in Protestant Churches surveyed”

  1. The causes of this evil, wherever it may be found are:

    (1) First and foremost, demonic instigation, because children so inflicted are often emotionally crippled for life, especially sensitive, discerning children who might have grown into the demons’ worst enemies, spiritual warriors for Christ. Instead, they are mostly entangled in dealing with the massive fallout of sexual abuse in their lives and relationships.

    (2) Secondly, the addictive nature of sexual sin. It is very difficult to simply walk away from.

    (3) Third, shame, which makes it very hard to bring such behavior into the light, even when we at least would like to admit it to God, confess and repent of it, ask His help in setting us free. Most of us are much more inclined to sweep it under the rug, to rationalize it, to hide in a dark corner from Him.

    I’m sure there are other factors, but these are the main three, explaining why this sort of behavior passes on and on, from one generation to the next. It doesn’t matter whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim or atheist. This is a human problem, not a denominational one.

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