Ex-Anglican Priest: The meaningless vacuity of Pope Francis’ just being nice to Anglicans

Editor’s Note: The author of this article, who is a former “priest” of the “Church of England” says the obvious. He confirms Cardinal Mueller’s observation, that the only interest of Pope Francis is in the photo op and the front page story. Whether God exists or is offended does not matter one wit. — He restrained himself somewhat from such spectacles for some months after his juridically valid election, but the visit of Bill Gates and Alex Soros ended that.

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13 thoughts on “Ex-Anglican Priest: The meaningless vacuity of Pope Francis’ just being nice to Anglicans”

  1. If anyone is interested in learning more about Bill Gates’ Apeel coating on fruits and vegetables, I found a pretty good article at the link below:


    It sounds like the stuff in the coating does not migrate into the food within, so to be safe, you might peel apples and cucumbers, at least, before you eat them, and do not use citrus zest. Don’t know where it’s safe to dump the scraps, tho…

    There must be a special sub- basement in Hell for these demonically possessed globalists!

      1. So many labs jumped on the bandwagon and examined the vax and let the public know what was actually in it.

        It seems like at least a few labs would be doing the same with this produce coating.

  2. As for the shenanigans of Pope Francis, I just spoke to a lifelong Catholic who told me about the unbroken line of Popes from Peter to Francis. He does not feel it is his place to deal with the Pope’s faults and foibles, since none of us is perfect.

    I believe this is the prevalent attitude of Catholics in general, all of whom have been taught to respect the hierarchy.

    I feel conflicted myself, since it was clearly Jesus Christ himself who instituted the hierarchy. At the very least, we should all be praying that He will take a hand in this situation and deal with it.

    1. Well just because someone is a Catholic does not mean he believes the Catholic Faith, nor that he actually lives by the Faith, or by faith. And even if he does all these things, it certainly does not guarantee that he understands or knows it well. Why many of our Bishops fail on these.

  3. Jesus told Peter to “feed my sheep”.

    But did He ever tell us what to do when “Peter” becomes a wolf in sheepherder’s clothing? I can’t remember any such advice, but He had to know it was coming one day.

    Can you think of anything He said that addresses this situation?

    1. Our Lord in such cases wants us to rebuke him to the face…

      Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men.

  4. Dear Br Alexis: According to a Rome dispatch at Church Militiant, on January 25th, the day of the Conversion of St Paul, two female Anglican “Bishops” were commissioned by Pope Francis to work alongside Catholic Bishops. One of them is from Brazil and the other one from Mexico. Blessings!

      1. Dear Brother, while it is true that Church Militant is behind a paywall, there are some reports that anybody can access without a subscription, just as I did. Blessings!

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