Pope Francis has “amplified” the debate over ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: Here John Allen, an ex-Catholic priest, who married a woman civilly flaunts that he and she got a blessing once when they attended a Wednesday Audience at the Vatican — he omits that he actually got no such thing, since he is in the state of mortal sin — but the article remains one of value for explaining how the MSM spins a story and focuses sometimes on tidbits in an inauthentic way.

However, the article as a whole is an attempt at gaslighting, however so cleverly and smoothly it is packaged, because in “amplifying” the debate, Pope Francis has really given invalid rationales for his heresy, not being able to find any truth to sustain the lies of the document.

John Allen is a popular and sought after writer and speaker by CIA backed and funded publications and platforms. He garnered infamy for criticizing the Church in editorials published by the Boston Globe more than 20 years ago. Although, back then, they hid from the public that he was a defrocked priest.

CruxNow.com was founded by the Boston Globe but is now an independent platform. It is no way presents the Catholic view on anything, nay, it’s very purpose in existing is to sow disinformation, misinformation, and promote heresies and lies.

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