RUSSIAN FEDERATION continues to ramp up armament production

Editor’s Note: I warned about this in the summer of 2022, and my prediction turned out correct. The war in Ukraine is not about Ukraine, its about defending Europe from a Rothschild Warmongering Dictatorship. Until the West shakes frree from Rothschild controlled political parties, they will never act to defend the West from anything, let alone military destruction. In fact, in the Agenda 2030 plan, the Russian Federation conquers Europe and then China moves 200 million workers to Europe to stomp out Western Civilization forever.

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5 thoughts on “RUSSIAN FEDERATION continues to ramp up armament production”

  1. Br Alexis-

    This is completely off topic, but I just became aware of Bill Gates’ Apeel coating for our fruits and vegetables.

    I’m not finding any good information on this subject. The majority of it is pro-Gates propaganda, the rest of it on the order of “if it’s Bill Gates, it must be poison”. Very little in the way of hard facts.

    I know you tackle subjects like this once in awhile, and you have sources for research that I can’t find. So what do you think? Is this produce going to be safe to eat or not?

      1. Thank you, I seem to have missed that article.

        Has any reliable laboratory examined the actual spray that is on the produce to see what it contains?

        The only fresh produce available here in Missouri in the wintertime comes from other places, like the West Coast, Mexico and S America.

        I’ve started buying from local farmers in the summer, but no one grows citrus here at all.

        This really stinks! I’ve just had to take a stand against medical personnel against COVID testing and various vaccines. What’s the use of going through that if they are going to get it to us in our food?

        Have you run across any info on whether soaking produce in bleach water or other substances will neutralize or remove this coating?

        Thank you for addressing this subject.

  2. Can you tell us where we can take a deeper dive into what you said here concerning in the “Agenda 2030 plan, the Russian Federation conquers Europe and then China”… moves in.
    Not sure how I’ve missed this but would appreciate being able to find out more. All the more deadly because we also know that the “2030” part of that document is more like 2025. thank you

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