At the Vatican Cardinal Fernandez is the controlling force?

Editor’s Note: In this article, the National Catholic Registered, which is owned by ETWN, just as is the Catholic News Agency, runs an article intended to gaslight the Catholic world, just as the AntiCatholic Propaganda Agency attempted too.

First of all, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith — in addition to being uncanonical, or non-existent, since it was created by Pope Francis during his anti-papacy — is not a Congregation. So the article attempts a fraud by imagining that Cardinal Fernandez is now in a position similar to the Gran Inquisitors of the past, who were holy, devout and 1000% Catholic.

Second, the author, who gathers his stories from the bars around the Vatican and is clearly an amateur, is trying to make it appear that Pope Francis is not responsible, but that the Cardinal having inserted himself into his favors, is wielding undue influence.

This is what passes for “Catholic” “News” today. ETWN should be ashamed of themselves. It is clear that Opus Dei is now controlling their editorial departments. It is also highly probable that EWTN has chosen to join in the disinformation so as to keep their access at the Vatican. But both acts, they have totally betrayed the legacy of Mother Angelica.

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One thought on “At the Vatican Cardinal Fernandez is the controlling force?”

  1. We need more information on where he’s from, convert or infant baptism, who were his parents etc etc. the people of God need to know who has manifested himself through the papal signature.

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