Bishop Strickland: Pope Francis is a “diabolically disorientated clown”!

Editor’s Note: Our Lord commands us not to use invective against our enemies, while by His example He teaches that some moderate forms of insult, such as when he called Herod a vixen, are required as a public rebuke. But when we seek only the psychological out-gassing, as I call it, which comes with calling evil people names, we can often be deceived into not opposing error and evil in the right way. Ann Barnhardt and Mundabor are classic examples of this. It is called “bitter zeal” by the saints and it is easy to fall into it.

Bishop Strickland was ardent in his verbal criticism, but folded like paper, when push came to shove. That is not the Catholic way to respond. Now he is going to talk at political meetings and rallies, has grown a beard, and ostensibly no longer has any interest in saving the Church from heresy. — That does not make him the greatest sinner in the Church; but as a Bishop he will be damned if he does nothing more than a layman or Franciscan brother.

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10 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland: Pope Francis is a “diabolically disorientated clown”!”

    1. It is contrary to the Ecclesiastical Custom and the norms of the Roman Missal to put an image of the Pope near an altar. It must be kept in the sacristy.

    1. Yes, but only through a co-consecrator (Bishop Thomas Andrew) of one of his co-cosecrators (Archbishop Sheehan), but directly he descends from Saint Pius X.

    1. Alas, I would say, that he too is diabolically disoriented. Probably because he is listening to Cardinal Burke, who with Cardinal Mueller and Bishop Schneider think that there is nothing that can be done, canonically, against a heretical pope. I have explained for nearly 4 years that a Provincial Synod is the solution. But I have not seen any action from him on that. Only generic denials.

      1. They will not make a reply, instead of being good shepherd’s they are quite content to sit back, say nothing, do nothing, it’s disgraceful, I like the mentioned cardinals and bishops, when will they decide to act,? When it’s too late probably we have had this for over 10 years, and because the supposed good shepherd’s are saying nothing, the man in Rome and his friends no longer need to operate in the shadows, they grow more confident, we will get some excuses at a later date, eg, we did not want to speak out because they had flicks to shepherd,
        It is better to be judged by the world than to be judged by God, and they know this,

      2. It is true we can still stop this if we unite our action on the weakest point which is what the Sutri Initiative is about. But writing letters is not enough, we need lobbying teams, and that will take financial support which no one is yet ready to employ. Some of us are going to have to sacrifice at a heroic level to stop this. I feel that I have done everything I can with the resources I have, and the little that my benefactors and the readers of FromRome give me to do my work has nearly dried up. Others now need to act at a level of heroism beyond what I have done. Coping out, like many Bishops and Cardinals have done is shameful, but I gather than no on has attempted to flip them back to the way of virtue by courting their personal attention to these issues. But yes, this disaffection of the hierarchy for the truth is part of the ongoing and I believe apocalyptic apostasy foretold of by Our Lord, Saint John and St. Paul.

  1. And Our Lady of Good Success, Quito, Ecuador.
    Our Lady of La Sallete, France.
    Our Lady of Lourdes, France.
    Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal.
    Our Lady of Akita, Japan.
    Our Lady of Cuápa, Nicaragua.
    Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda.

    Motherly Advice / Counsel:  Do all He tells you to do. John 2:5

    Meditate & imitate what the Mysteries contain, as to obtain what they promise.

    Akita – Aqui’ta (Port., & Span) – here – he, she, it – is.

    Rianjo, Spain, Aug. 19(?), 1931. “They follow the example of the French…The Consecration will be done late…”

    To bless what God curses, is an abomination before the Lord.

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

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