USA: Health Insurers paid big bucks to Doctors to DeathVaxx all their patients

Editor’s Note: This was obviously a tactic to kill off the elderly who would make the most claims on their insurance. It implies the executives of the insurance companies knew the lethal effects.

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7 thoughts on “USA: Health Insurers paid big bucks to Doctors to DeathVaxx all their patients”

    1. Maybe some people lost their jobs & health coverage. Be careful calling people poor if they have a Medicaid plan.
      Perhaps it’s a temporary coverage. Shame on you.

  1. A bit off topic – a couple of years ago Dr Ardis suggested that “covid” was synthetic crate snake venom. I was sick with “covid” in July 2021 and agreed with his theory because my symptoms (blood clotting, massive headache, kidney pain, aching body and extreme tiredness) matched with the symptoms of a crate snake bite.

    I have recently been able to reconfirm this conclusion.

    Last weekend I was sick with food poisoning. I ate some mouldy bread (obviously without realizing) and had very similar symptoms (massive headache, kidney pain and aching body).

    The similarity of the symptoms is an indication that covid was a poison that was ingested either on PCR tests or in the water.

  2. Melissa,
    Why on earth are you apologizing for your choice of words?
    You said nothing wrong or inappropriate.

    The definition of ‘poor’:
    “having little or no money, goods, or other means of support”.

    This is who Medicaid assistance is intended for; because it is income-based.
    Even the eligibility of those with disabilities is determined using income methodologies.

    You have to understand that leftists (cultural marxists) have made a religion out of redefining the meaning of language and “shaming you” is their thought reform technique.

    Just because they troll this website (the troll all websites), in no way, makes them akin to your values. Just the opposite.
    It is a sinister purpose.

    The objective is to control your thoughts by controlling the words you use and don’t use.

    Never apologize and never back down.

    A good read –

    1. Thank you Tina for pointing this out to me. I thought that what I was saying was misunderstood. I do think the insurance money given to doctors was a tactic to target both the elderly and poor.

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