VATICAN: Pope Francis berates opponents of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ as “small ideological groups”

Editor’s Note: In this report by a former Associated Press journalist, now pretending to be a Catholic, the Catholic world is gaslighted into thinking that the Catholic position on blessings represents a “small ideological” group which in time will be enlightened by the wisdom of Pope Francis to abandon Gospel teaching. The hubris of the article is only exceeded by that of Pope Francis. — To call the Catholic position names is canonically sufficient evidence of public, manifest pertinacity against revealed doctrine.

The Catholic News Agency has thus proven what they really mean by their name: Anti-Catholic Propaganda Agency.

The Sutri Initiative remains the only true Catholic response, short of praying the Lord to intervene.

The comments of Pope Francis were made during his interview by La Stampa. An English translation was published by Vatican News, see below:

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