Pope Francis looks increasingly ill

Pope Francis seen during his meeting with the Orthodox Delegation for Theological Dialogue, on Jan. 30, 2024, with a distended face and bloated body. Source @ChristiansMENA

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4 thoughts on “Pope Francis looks increasingly ill”

  1. Br. Bugnolo,
    This is unrelated to this post. I was wondering if you could do a video on the Catholic position regarding Jewish people. They are supposedly regarded as God’s chosen people but reject Jesus our Messiah. I have never been able to reconcile this. Most of the Jews that I have dealt with do not have Godly characteristics. A Jewish handyman came to our home a while back and tried to charge us $789 for what amounted to removing a small piece of plastic that was lodged inside our dryer vent. He lied and mislead about everything. He then gave me a flyer when he left with Bible verses about Solomon. Is he God’s chosen person? I think not. A liar and a thief. Please do a video about the Catholic position on Jews. I have a protestant friend who thinks that I believe in “Replacement Theology “. He believes in the rapture, etc. Please, when you have time, do a video about this. I admire how you speak the truth without fear.
    God Bless,

    1. The children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of old were God’s chosen people. But after Christ’s Ascension, those of this people who rejected Him rebelled against the Romans 3 times, and in retribution, after their defeat the Romans crucified more than 1 million of their men, in an attempt to exterminate that race. Now, this people in the Bible are defined as those whose both father and mother are descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their proper name as a people is Hebrews.

      But in the Roman Empire the inhabitants of the Roman province in the Holy Land was called Judea, and the Romans called everyone born in that Province a Judean, from which the modern word Jew is derived. After the Romans exiled all the Hebrews from Judea, there were some who continued to call themselves Judeans. We see this in the writings of Saint John, where Our Lord HImself says to the Apostle, “I know the synagogue of those who claim to be Judeans, but who are not but of Satan”. This revelation was given some time after 65 A. D..

      Since the modern people who call themselves Jews only define themselves from descent from their mothers, not their fathers, even the Jewish Enclyclopedia calls the modern people Elamites, that is a mixed breed race which does not merit the promises of God or the Covenant of Moses. Furthermore, all the Rabbis who believe in the Old Testament hand down to their students that all the ancient lineages have been lost, and that therefore there is no documented proof of any kind that this particular Jew is a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, unlike as was the case in ancient times as you can read in the geneologies of Jesus Christ in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

      As for carpenters, I have run into dozens of Christian carpenters who are even more dishonest. One wanted to cut the supports out of the house to sell for lumber and claimed the stability of the house would not suffer.

      So from a cultural anthropological view, I would not regard the modern people who call themselves Jews as heirs of the covenant, nor presume that they are the ancient people. In fact, I would hold that they are not that people, and that in claiming that they are they are involved in fraud.

      Of this modern people, there are those called Askhenazim, which are a further cross breed of Jews and Dutchmen in the 14th century. And then there are those called Sephardim who have lived in Italy, Spain and Morrocco for centuries. Hitler traces his lineage to them. Then there are those who have lived in Babylon for centuries too. In modern genetic studies, no difference is found between Jews and Palestinians. And of those who claim to be the sons of Levi among the Ashkenazim, more than 50% have no genetic marker for that. Even blacks in Africa have the genetic marker for being Hebrews, it has been claimed.

      In short, the only thing that unites them, for the most part, was their rejection of Jesus Christ. Though now in the Holy Land there are 15 Catholic parishes of converts to Catholicism who speak Hebrew and at birth were claimed to be Jews.

  2. Thanks so much for your reply. Very interesting. No can deny that a lot of Jewish people are financially successful. I used to attribute this to the Chosen People claim. There is a lot of false information and confusion about this as well as the, so called, rapture. It would be great if you could clear all of this up sometime with a video. Thanks again!

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