Elon Musk & Agenda 2030 to enslave Humanity with Neural Chips

Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The speaker here is way out of his field. He is ignorant of 70 years of neurological research which shows that the human brain is plastic, that is, by its habits of knowing it acquires habits of focus, and through these it becomes enslaved or enabled to do specific things. Once a machine is linked to the human mind, the mind at first acquires abilities to control the outside world, but soon once the habits become firm, the machine obtains access to control the human mind. — Chipping a human brain is morally equivalent of diabolic possession. It is not licit to even develop. It is gravely immoral to use. No one can be saved who uses this technology.

They will suborn the masses by using handicap people as their ambassadors to create a culture of envy among the masses. Then they will mainstream it commercially. And then when the majority are chipped, they will take control bit by bit, until the memories of individual personality fade away.

And for those who ask the ultimate moral question about neural chips and neural links: Yes, it is morally licit to kill the slaves of an enemy who aims to exterminate you, because they more than all his soldiers are merely the moral extension of his own animosity; they are not innocent, for in being willingly enslaved they have become complicity and culpable of all the moral acts their master will will for them.

So anyone — anyone whomsoever — who puts their hope in AI and neural links, are persons without God, and who do not seek God, nor wait upon Him. They are rather egomaniacs who are obsessed with power and acquiring power, and who dream of a terrestrial immortality with a divinity to tell their subjects what to do and what to think and what to feel.

They are also sociopaths, who have never by reflection recognized the infinite superiority of the human person over all the works of his hands, and who want to manipulate others as if they were things to own and control, and not human persons to know and love.

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5 thoughts on “Elon Musk & Agenda 2030 to enslave Humanity with Neural Chips”

  1. The propaganda has already started by praising this technology as a miracle for the paralyzed. These people will be the first to be technologically possessed.
    Brother Alexis, could you please explain the obvious spiritual component of narcissism (including psychopathy), as the “elites” are obviously following those patterns of behavior?

    1. I am not a psychologist, so I would refer you to a medical dictionary or article at a medical site to understand better these terms.

  2. I have a smart phone because the user doesn’t really control the software. Windows is not allowed on my computer except inside a virtual machine because I don’t control the software.

    There is no way that I will allow a device with hardware and software that I do not control anywhere near my brain.

    If you can not see the source code in order to validate the software then you do not control the device that it runs. You might want to contemplate that in order to make better decisions about the technology that you use.

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