VATICAN: Pope Francis names Skull & Bones operative as Secretary of Economy

Editor’s Note: The appointment of a MIT graduate who worked for Morgan-Stanley should send shock waves through the Catholic Church. J. P. Morgan was a Skull and Bones man who with capital from Lord Rothschild founded one of the most influential and powerful banks in the USA. Their financial services unit was run by Harold Stanley, another Skull & Bones man, a graduate of Yale like Morgan. — Mr. Benjamin Estevez de Comingues, worked for Morgan Stanley, and has been working at the Vatican for some years. He is a married man, with a family. He presence at the Vatican raises the specter that the Vatican is being bankrolled by the U.S. State Department, the Rothschilds and other Masonic concerns. This may explain Pope Francis’ animosity toward the Catholic Church and his intransigence to undo his damaging decrees. — It also argues that anyone who claims to be Pope Francis’ opponent but attacks those who want Pope Francis removed from office, are in the pay of the CIA.

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