Why won’t Pope Francis defrock the Belgian Bishop who raped his own nephews?

Editor’s Note: It is a national scandal in Belgium, which is now pouring over to the national discussion on sex abuse in Italy. The entire Bishop’s conference of the formerly Catholic nation of Belgium — now taken over by Islamic invasion — has requested Pope Francis to squelch the national scandal there by defrocking the Bishop in question, who has been protected by friends in the highest places for a long time. The answer to this question pulls the mask off the propaganda of Pope Francis’ pretense to be against child abuse and clericalism.

And why has Pope Francis still not defrocked the serial satanic sadistic sexual abuser of women religious, the Jesuit, Father Rupnick? A scandal of inaction which now has spread round the world! — And no, Franca Giansoldati, it is not a question of confusion in the Vatican; it is a question of the untouchable citadel of pedophile clericalism, a citadel in which Pope Francis sits with pleasure and a system of omerta’ (silence) which has promoted him to the pinnacle of power and abuse.

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