InfoVaticana pushes Gladio narrative of “Whine and Do Nothing” (aka ‘Recognize and Resist”)

Editor’s Note: When any site claims that doing nothing is the best solution for the heretical profession of Pope Francis, you can bet your salary that they are part of the Gladio system of U.S. government control, because that position like like “Whine and do nothing” to stop your own wife being raped next door. What kind of men would espouse such cowardly nonsense? — Notice how they totally relevatize truth, too, by saying “More Pascendi and less Fiducia”, that is more doctrinal stricture but don’t dump all of that homo heresy! — InfoVaticana has won a Misfire award.

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One thought on “InfoVaticana pushes Gladio narrative of “Whine and Do Nothing” (aka ‘Recognize and Resist”)”

  1. I don’t personally believe the B.S. Recognize many people STUPID or maybe not strong enough in our Lord Jesus Christ to confront the facts as they exist. Find the lies and propaganda; the utter stupidity of people at this time enraging because it places all in terrible danger worse than death.

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