ITALY: Vittorio Emmanuel, last son of last King of Italy, dead at 86

What does not appear in his official biography, in English, at Wikipedia, is that in 2006 he was accused of being involved in a criminal racket. The accusations were so credible that one member of the family, at least, declared he was no longer a noble.

He also admitted responsibility in the death of Dirk Hammer, who died of a gun shot wound on the prince’s yacht years before, according to his Wikipedia article on the House of Savoy:

When incarcerated in June 2006, Vittorio Emanuele was recorded admitting with regard to the killing of Dirk Hamer that “I was in the wrong, […] but I must say I fooled them [the French judges]”,[23] leading to a call from Hamer’s sister Birgit for Vittorio Emanuele to be retried in Italy for the killing.[24] After a long legal fight, Birgit Hamer obtained the full video.[25] The story was broken in the press by aristocratic journalist Beatrice Borromeo,[26] who also wrote the preface for a book on the murder Delitto senza castigo by Birgit Hamer. Vittorio Emanuele sued the newspaper for defamation, claiming the video had been manipulated. In 2015, a court judgement ruled in favor of the newspaper

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