VATICAN: Cardinal Fernandez issues Doctrinal Note to justify future alteration of the Sacraments

A Critique and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

Beyond the curiosity that the document never cites a footnote from Pope Francis, but only from “Francis”, thus admitting his past statements as Anti pope have no authority, the document is pernicious for its assertion that a “rigid uniformity” of the Sacramental forumlae has never been the tradition of the Church — A BLATANT  LIE — but calls for a variety of forms suited to times, places, cultures and situations — THINK Pachamama cults in the Andes and at Santa Marta.

The horrid “Note” issued by Cardinal Fernandez calls the liturgies of the Church mere “ornaments” for the Sacraments, as if a Sacrament could be worthily received outside of a context of faith, prayer, contemplation and renewed allegiance to God through humble praise, thanksgiving, and gratitude. — This basically will allow liturgies to become satanic orgies, because, what, after all, would be more an ornament to Cardinal Fernandez’ and Francis’s kind of clergy than that?

The document is also rife with numerous theological and philosophical errors, such as confounding the priesthood which is conferred in Baptism with the priestly ministry at the altar.

Needless to say, for the readers of FromRome.Info, with the Apostolic See impeded by the heretical profession of Pope Francis, and with this Dicastery not existing by any decree of a Pope holding the petrine munus, the document imposes no obligation on the believer both from a subjective and objective basis and ought to be entirely ignored. — However, like a bill in a legislature, it manifests clearly the political agenda of its authors.

Pope Francis approved this note and ordered it published, so he has to take full responsibility for it. But it is written in such a clever and subtle manner, that it will fly under the radar of all the fake opposition (cf. NCR here), who undoubtedly will praise it for quoting Vatican II and the Council of Trent more than “Francis” (cf. Father Z’s introduction here). — While laying down no ordinance, rule, precept or command, it ostensibly decries unauthorized manipulations of the Sacramental formulae by priests motivated by “ideologies” or wilfulness. And says the Sacraments should always be celebrated according to the liturgical books approved by the Church.

The article at Gloria.TV about this “Note” is incorrect when it claims that the document declares all variations from the approved formulae “render the Sacrament invalid”, however, for to say that “observance has always been required for validity” does not mean ‘non observance of the precise formulae was always held as rendering the Sacrament invalid’. In fact, Saints such as Saint Thomas or Saint Bonaventure taught authoritatively that if the changed formula no longer signified the same thing essentially, it would render the confection of the sacrament invalid, but if it did not change the essential meaning, it would not. — This error at Gloria.TV is due to the fact that the one writing has not the proper formation in Sacramental Theology to comment on this document. Indeed, most Catholic influencers have no knowledge or understanding of what they speak, sometimes even when they have the academic credentials (e. g. as is often the case at “The Pillar” and “Roma locuta est”), and sadly, even Vatican News (here). — For those who are not aware, “require” means to seek out as a necessary. This differs in signification from “be necessary”. As such it refers to discipline, not being. And for this reason, the document is very clever, because by using this distinction (and not that regarding essential signification), it opens the door for declaring all traditional formulae illicit for a valid consecration, because they are NOT contained in the current liturgical books approved by the Vatican! So out with the Missale Romanum of 1570! — Though it does not say that openly, it says that by making no mention of liturgical history at all, while pretending that Vatican II restored the liturgical life of the Church and made the Sacraments shine with a new splendor. — What baloney!

The “Note” looks like a draft found in the dustbin after cleaning out the documents of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate, and freshened up with quotes from “Francis” as another Peronist, one step back to appearances of the conservative Aggiornomento, after the two-step forward into apostasy and heresy of ‘Fiducia supplicans”, to make Pope Francis appear not to be monster and false prophet that he appears to prefer to be.

The utter preposterous quality of the document comes from its context: because it is precisely the priests who do not say the “rigid” unchanging Traditional Latin Mass, who are changing the Sacramental formulas according to the ideologies and bad example of “make a mess” Pope Francis.

The English translation of the document is not yet available. The Vatican may publish one next week.

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7 thoughts on “VATICAN: Cardinal Fernandez issues Doctrinal Note to justify future alteration of the Sacraments”

    1. The term “antipope” has a precise meaning and should never be used to signify something else. It means a juridically invalid claimant to the Apostolic See, on account of a juridically invalid election, appointment, installation etc..

  1. Brilliant commentary, Brother Alexis. Thank you. So now we wait for the next shoe to drop from the Apostatic Caterpiller. We need new monasteries as Scholastic centers of spirituality and Catholic culture to ease us out of this truly DARK age.

    1. Thanks. If you can help raise funds for either project, please do; I could use the help, having asked everyone I know already.

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