VATICAN: Pope Francis invites Chinese Dragon Dancers to entertain him in Apostolic Palace

Editor’s Note: The Chinese New Year is celebrated from Feb. 10-15, this year. The Chinese mark the 12 year cycle with years dedicated to diverse things and animals. This year is the year of the Dragon. In China the dragon has been a religious cultic symbol from the dawn of time. They are not the only people who came to worship the serpent after the fall of Adam and Eve.

Indeed, a papal court which has time for Chinese Dragon dancers or acrobats, but not for Cardinal Zen or Roman Catholics who worship according to the ancient liturgical books, is about as clericalist and divorced from the periferies of the Church as you can get. It is also divorced from any sort of evangelical character — evangelical in the sense of, Gospel like.

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      1. I am a beggar, so I have to make do. Past volunteers have become stupefied at the number of corrections needed.

  1. I’m serious about that. While most of your typos are not so potentially offensive, they are mutitudinous and sometimes seriously detract from the point you are trying to make.
    I have long thought that you would benefit tremendously by having someone read over your work and catch the bloopers. It looks to me that you turn out such a great volume of written material every day that you just don’t have time to do it yourself.

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