KOREA: Bishops’ Conference bans Louisa Piccarretta Group

Editor’s Note: Louisa Piccarretta taught that she was the eldest daughter of God the Father, superior to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the one who would open an era of revelation and spirituality in salvation history. She was clearly a heretic and possessed by the devil. The Korean Bishops have done well to ban her writings and any associations which promote them.

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8 thoughts on “KOREA: Bishops’ Conference bans Louisa Piccarretta Group”

  1. I believed Luisa Piccarreta was a Servant of God, having survived many decades on the Holy Eucharist alone. I had no idea he espoused such clearly heretical views.

    Thank you for the information. The info on the web says nothing of that sort!

    1. The claims she survived on the Eucharist alone for decades, thus, must be discounted, because no soul with even a drop of grace would utter such blasphemous presumption.

      1. I am reading the Book of Heaven. Please read her writings…you have it all wrong. The era of sanctification involves
        Souls living in God’s Divine Will.
        It is mystical and simple. There is no heresy in her messages dictated by Jesus.

      2. The Bishops of Korea and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger disagree with you.

  2. first time , we looked at Louisa Picaretta , it was message june 20 1918, we feared that people can think that they don t need the consecration anymore but Jesus said on the Gospel that
    we have to receive Him in the Communion to have His Divine Life . Only in the Roman Catholic Church, We have to , People can think that may be it s not necessary with this
    message june 20 1918…. we have to listen the Gospel

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