CIA agent still attempting to gaslight the world about “Benedict P.P. XVI”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I love to document the lies of CIA agents, especially of the habitual liar and disinformer Steve O’Reilly. Here I have caught him once again doing his tricks. See the article above, where he claims that Pope Benedict XVI never used the P. P. in a signature after Feb. 28, 2013.

And that the claim that he did so arises in March 2021, and that Andrea Cionci is its source.

But in his article he is clever. He attacks several leading authors on the question of Benedict XVI’s resignation, but omits any mention of myself or FromRome.Info. — While it is true I never made this claim, if he had mentioned FromRome.Info he would have found this article from Feb. 4, 2020, a full year before. I remember this, because I brought it to the attention of Andrea Cionci, who got many of his facts and clues from my articles at FromRome.Info.

But Mr. O’Reilley was deceptive in another way. Because since he is an avid reader of FromRome.Info he cannot say he was ignorant of an article which the search engine here at FromRome.Info delivers is you search for P. P..

My article only reported the article from Il Foglio, which is still available, which was written by the Editorial Staff at the national newspaper, Il Foglio, and was discussing Antonio Socci’s position in 2014, that Pope Benedict XVI was still the pope.

In fact, the article is dated September 23, 2014!

Moreover, in his final argumentation he does admit there is a photo of a letter signed by Pope Benedict in 2017, linking to the article which contains it here.

Click the image to see the full resolution, where you can discern that the Holy Father did in fact sign, Benedictus PP XVI.

Yet Stevie glosses over that, since he considers his gaslighting sufficient to prevent you from clicking on the link.

Seeing that Socci is a renowned author in Italy and that Il Foglio is a leading newspaper, is Stevie expecting that we believe him rather than the witnesses in Italy, and the photographic evidence, simply because he cannot find or refuses to publish the evidence or passes over it after publishing it?

I for one don’t believe him on anything. And this is just another reason that you should not also.

I have proven that he is not credible in his claim or trustworthy in his research.

Once a liar, always a liar. And once a CIA agent, always a liar.

But his article is disinformation sewn into a package of misinformation. Because Pope Benedict XVI remained the Pope after Feb. 11, 2013 until his death NOT because he still signed P.P. after his name, Benedictus, NOR because he continued to think himself the pope, BUT BECAUSE unless he did what canon 332 section 2 requires for a papal abdication — namely renounce the petrine munus — which can only be done by signifying the totality of papal authority, power and dignity, he remained the Pope, whether you use P. P. or not. Just as Pope Francis by not using P. P. does not unpope himself.

And this should be a lesson to Catholics, that for the CIA whatever we claim, has a different response, which is always negative on their part, even when we are right, because the CIA does not care about the truth, they only care about imprisoning minds in lies. And because you cannot refute the truth directly, you can only gaslight others so that they do not accept it. And the CIA are darn good gaslighters.


Finally never forget that the CIA has been at war with the Catholic Church since 1953, see the proof here.

For documentation, you can see the entire scree shot of Mr. O’Reilley’s argument here, just in case he erases it. Click to enlarge it.

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