Pope Francis claims Rothschild invention is a sin: antisemitism

Critique and Rebuttal by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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As I predicted in October, when Pope Francis allowed the World Jewish Congress to open an office in the Vatican, we are going to see more and more Jewish propaganda main streamed by Pope Francis. And the presence of the WJC office at the Vatican, where there are no Jews, argues strongly that the bribery of Church officials by this organization has now been institutionalized. So we will see much worse than this recent statement.

As most now know, “antisemitism” is a word which describes nothing, since the meaning intended by the word does not concord with the meaning of the word. Antisemitism, if it were a thing would mean being against the Semitic race for ideological reasons. But that race includes all Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese as well as Hebrews. But modern day Jews, who define themselves such because of matrimonial descent only. cannot be classified as Semites for solid reasons of anthropology, even if many of these are genetically indistinguishable from Palestinians. The first use of the word, by a Jew, in fact, only referred to prejudice against all Semites. But the Jewish Encyclopedia in 1881 popularized the more restricted and false meaning, as referring only to Jews, which was seemingly coined by Friedrich Wilhelm Adolph Marr.

But the word is used today by the MSM only as a narrative cover to defend, excuse or distract from the moral faults, crimes, conspiracies of the Rothschilds or any member of that group which today self identifies as Jews. In fact, even the government of the modern Jewish State claims that criticism of their brutalities is “antisemitic”. This trick was popularized by famous Rothschild agents such as Rockefeller.

Moreover, a sin is a moral fault which God has declared offensive or which is contrary to His expressed Goodness, which sin is imputable to a person because he was knowingly responsible. It is not something I or some group of men or women do not like, simply speaking. It is what God detests, simply speaking.

Thus, according to its meaning, then, “antisemitism” is not a sin; rather it is an ideology. But according to its use it is neither a sin, but is rather a term used for narrative warfare to cover for immorality promoting by a group attempting to perpetrate trans-generational fraud and pass themselves off as true claimants of the promises the God of ancient Israel made to Abraham and his descendants through the male line forever.

As Pope Francis also mentions, “Anti-Judaism”, I would also point out that the disinclination of those who are not of a claimed ethnicity against the claims of a group which claims on the basis of their ethnicity to have superior rights and humanity to all other humans is neither a sin, just as to call a racist a racist is not a sin, but honesty.

But the real reason for Pope Francis’s false affirmation is to justify the purge from the Catholic hierarchy and clergy all those who oppose the Rothschild narrative in the modern puppet state they have founded in the Holy Land, especially the continuous apartheid they have been promoting to justify their Godless fraud in claiming the Holy Land for themselves.

As for the reality, putting aside the ideological for a moment, we can see the problem in the Mideast is not antisemitism, but Jewish hatred of Christians and Arabs. I won’t even mention the 40 year blockade which the modern Jewish state has imposed upon Christian pilgrims from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, who have been unable to visit the holy places in Jerusalem and throughout Palestine. According to the teaching of numerous popes, to block Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem, has always been considered to give Christians the right to call a Crusade against those who are blocking them, as we have a Divine Right to visit the holy places sanctified by Our Lord and His disciples.

The ultimate irony here, is that Pope Francis, who is notoriously anti-American, has never considered his personal approach to the United States of America and her native citizens as a sin. This is part of his ideological agenda of “sin for thee and not for me”, by which he is involved in chronic attempted psychological abuse of the Catholic world and of the human race.

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6 thoughts on “Pope Francis claims Rothschild invention is a sin: antisemitism”

  1. I find this matter very difficult, because in Israel live many Jews that are from the children of God in the good sense of the word.
    There are also people, like the Rothschilds, that are straight from revelations 3:9.
    The children of God end up, as always, the ones being prosecuted for the deeds the fake jews did.
    Disclamer: I’m a catholic.

    1. Many in the Holy Land would agree with you. Many there realized that the modern Jewish State is a NAZI Rothschild Fraud.

  2. Well said Br. Bugnolo. So much confusion especially from the protestants who support the Rothschild narrative. Many Catholics don’t know the truth about this either. A video would be great if you have the time.

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