Don’t forget the Christian refugees of the Artsakh Genocide of 2023

Editor’s Note: The very first response to this genocide, internationally, among humanitarian organizations, was that of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, who has a special appeal to assist these refugees. More help is needed, as international response has failed to raise the more than 100 million needed.

Sadly, and very sad indeed, the above article does not solicit help for these Christians who faced slaughter at the hands of the Azeri dicatorship. Nor does it report the names of any agencies helping these victims of ethnic cleansing, even though many writers at that electronic journal are readers of, which covered this story extensively, here.

I my opinion, Catholic publications which talk of the plight of persecuted Christians act unethically if they do NOT inform their readers of a way to help, because, after all, that is what the religion of Jesus Christ is all about.

But you can continue to help through the Armenian Artsakh Refugee Fund, here:

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