King Charles III has been struck by his ‘god’ with cancer

Editor’s Note: King Charles III of Great Britain is a firm believer in the DeathVax. But when you believe in a god of death, you reap the whirlwind. Let us pray that he repents before the end.

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10 thoughts on “King Charles III has been struck by his ‘god’ with cancer”

  1. I learned of a prophecy given to -I believe- Queen Elizabeth or perhaps Princess Diana. The prediction deals with Diana’s children: “They shall not reign.” I wish I had the source at hand, I read that when Diana’s sons were small many years ago. The person predicting implied that “the world as we know it” would end before any of the little princes would be of age to sit on the throne of England. The end of “the world as we know it” seems to be a bit closer now, if one gives credence to that prophecy.

  2. I am surprised that he really believed that the death vax was safe and effective. He drank his own Kool aid so to speak.

  3. My friend Tim was just diagnosed with bowel cancer, aged 41. He is deathvaxxed and ironically met Charles in Rome following the Canonisation of John Henry Newman and was also at the Coronation last year.

  4. To live to a ripe old age, I would think, is not necessarily Catholic teaching.
    We are supposed to accept, and value , the Crosses we are given to save our own souls, and even those of others.. this attitude is largely lost in the atheistic world we live in, and I’ve not heard a priest teach that in 50 years. That does not mean it’s not still Church teaching. It is still Church teaching !

  5. At the end of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh’s life, he said that he wished to return as a virus. Did he infect his son?

  6. They are using this to push the next vax and nano tech cancer treatments is what I seeing a lot of people discussing

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