VATICAN: Pope Francis invites accused pedophile to participate in Council of Cardinals

Editor’s Note: The accused is Cardinal Lacroix. While he has stepped down from his duties as Archbishop in Canada, Pope Francis has not asked him to do the same from the Council of Cardinals, the highest advisory body at the Vatican. Perhaps Pope Francis thinks it looks good to break his own rules about how to handle cases of pedophilia. Perhaps he wants the counsel of a little-girl raper. Perhaps he loves the tension of putting an accused girl-abuser in the same room, where he invites a female Anglican “bishop” and catholic religious woman to speak about woman’s issues? Perhaps this has something to do with the message he wants to send to Italy, just a day after 7 Egyptian youth gang raped a 13 year old Christian girl at Catania? Lacroix’s alleged victim was not much older? What is the twisted mind of Pope Francis thinking? It’s disgusting. And Bishops who would tolerate such a monster on the throne of Peter, when there is ample evidence to remove him from office, are shameless and godless folk.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Lourdes, France, cannot figure out what he should do about that august Marian sanctuary having been plastered all over by the sicko twisted art of Father Rupnik, S. J., the satanic, twisted serial nun-raper. This goes way beyond being incompetent. He actually wants to milk publicity out of indecision. This is like a priest sticking up his middle middle finger to the entire congregation during Mass. It is the pastoral practice of an antichrist.

Bishops who act like this are undoing the message of the Gospel by making it appear that they preach it, not because they believe it, nor because they think there is a God who will judge them, but simply to fool those who do. They need to be reminded by all of us, as frequently as we meet them, that the roads of Hell are paved with the skulls of Bishops — as Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori reminded us — is the teaching of the Fathers of the Church, due to the frequency of episcopal failures throughout the centuries.

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