Mario Derksen, publisher is a German National & Revert

Editor’s Note: As long time readers of FromRome.Info may remember, I used to occasionally make reference to the errors published at one of the most popular and vitrolic Sedevacantist websites, which constantly insists Catholics should obey Pope Francis and shut up. — As AJ Baalman and myself have often discussed in our talks over at OrdoMilitaris.Net one of the abiding characteristics of all the “Catholic” influencers who insisted Pope Benedict XVI validly resigned or who insist that you should obey Pope Francis are converts or reverts to the faith. Click the image above to read the short biography of Mario Derksen, which shows how he never was grounded well in the Catholic Faith and began preaching before learning. He became a U.S. citizen in 2001.  — He shares the same birthday as Pope Benedict XVI, April 16. Now that must have irked him! occasionally publishes information about popular Catholic websites to keep the Catholic public informed about who is behind the websites which are frequently quoted in the English speaking Catholic world online.

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