ROME: 1000 Tractors will occupy the City, if authorities refuse use of Beltway GRA

Editor’s Note: Friday will be the day on which Farmers across Italy protest against the Meloni Govt. for proposing that they be forced to purchase diesel with the standard road-taxes added. Like in many countries across Europe and even in the U.S.A., diesel used for off road purposes is not taxed at the higher levels which are designed to restrict automobile use and fund the construction of roads and highways.

Rome, being surrounded by a beltway highway which encircles the City — the GRA: the Gran Raccordo Annuale or “the Great Ring-Way” — is very capable of welcoming Tractors protesting along the GRA. But the Department of the Interior is very reluctant to allow this due to the fact that Rome becomes impossible to enter or leave when there is the slightest obstruction on the GRA.

The Farmers are demanding the use of the GRA for Friday’s protest, or else they threaten to enter the city and proceed to the Capitol, where the President officially resides.

Farmers are arriving from all parts of Italy at the speed of a tractor, to make the protest on Friday one of the largest seen. If only citizens united with the Farmers they could bring down the government. But Italians usually never collaborate for their own interest.

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