VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Catholics hypocrites for opposing “Gay Blessings”

Editor’s Note: When Vladimir Putin knows his theology, anatomy and biology better than the Pope, you know there are problems in the Vatican. — This statement by Pope Francis is another piece of evidence that he is a homo-heretic.

 Pope Francis also has a bad conscience, because no one ever said that one must bless every capitalist or business man. In fact no one has the right to a blessing. Each priest has the discretion to bless or not, but he cannot bless someone in public sin. — What Pope Francis seems to be saying is that Sodomites have the right to be blessed on any occasion, and that it is a sin to refuse them. Whatever may be the psychological projection he is under, that is simply not true and heretical.

If you find Pope Francis’ position totally revolting and heretical, do what many true Catholics have done and join the Sutri Initiative asking the Bishops of the Roman Province that he be deposed from the papacy for heresy. All you have to do is write the  1, several or all of the 15 Bishops of the Roman Province and ask them to do it.

Meanwhile, no Pope in history will be able to be condemned in Judgement Day with his own words for his every fault as this Pope, for denouncing others for his own sins and vices.

It is obvious that Pope Francis suffers from a reprobate sense, which according to St. Alphonsus is the disposition of spirit found in deeply impenitent sinners who are destined to damnation. I am glad that he is upset that his “Gay blessings” have been rejected by large portions of the Faithful and Church. Maybe this sorrow will bring him faster to judgement.

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9 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Catholics hypocrites for opposing “Gay Blessings””

  1. I doubt Putin believes what he says. As we know from the video of him kissing the belly of a 6 year old boy in Red Square, and the allegations from murdered ex KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, that it is very likely Putin is a pedophile. Furthermore he appointed ex KGB agent Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev as head of the Orthodox Church in Russia to keep it under his control while also appearing a bastion of conservative values. Putin is also presenting himself as a saviour of conservatism and winning over alot of western conservatives. This is working, but it is also making Russia more Christian and ready to adopt Catholicism. It seems to me that God is using part of the Globalist plan against the globalists themselves because as we know, at some point the Russian patriarch will ask that the Russian Orthodox return to full communion with the Catholic Church.

    As for Pope Francis he is the other arm of the globalist scissors strategy…. together with all the socialists around the world. Both Putin and Pope Francis want the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    1. Listen to Putin carefully and watch him walk back the condemnation of sodomy so fast that you can feel the wind from 12 thousand miles. he then gushes for allowing adults do what adults do in private. What a cretan!

  2. “… who MAY be exploiting people…”

    Does he know if the business-man IS exploiting people? If he knew, would he then bless him? Seemingly not.

    Does he know that the sodomites profess to be sodomites? If yes, then by the same logic, why would he then bless them?

    Why? Because he is an enemy of God and His Church.

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