USA: Federal Reserve has lost 1 Trillion Dollars, paid off with worthless I.O.U.’s

Editor’s Note: The US Federal Reserve Bank is a private entity created by the US Congress in 1913. Its purpose was ostensibly to protect banks from failure and stabilize the financial system. It operates by the requirement of all banks to keep a certain percentage of their deposits on account with the Federal Reserve.

To understand the magnitude of the recent posted loss of more than 110 Billion dollars by the Federal Reserve, let’s take a look at some basic facts about the U.S. Financial system.

First the money supply ranges from 20 to 22 Billion Dollars. That is all the money which moves through the economy. So by this measure the Federal Reserve has lost about 5 cents on every dollar a US resident may use at any time.

Second, the total assents of the Federal Reserve Bank were only about 9 Billion dollars in 2022. So by this measure the Federal Reserve has lost 100 times more than it is worth.

Third, the total deposits in all Banks in the USA in 2022 were about 18 Trillion Dollars. So by this measure the Federal Reserve Bank, which is supposed to protect the financial system, has lost more than 5.5% of all monies on deposit.

If these facts do not make you worried about where the value of the U. S. Dollar is headed, I think you are foolish. And if you are a resident of the USA and are putting your savings in dollars, I think you are very imprudent.

There are not many options in the USA for investors wanting to protect their assets, right now. First because precious metal sellers in the USA are allowed to charge exorbitant fees on all transactions, making converting cash to gold or silver more costly than any other financial transaction. Real Estate would be usually a good investment, since it appreciates in value when currencies devalue, but recent speculation by Jewish controlled investment funds on Wall Street has so over priced properties that many are selling much as 100% more than market value. At the same time, its not prudent to take a mortgage, since interest rates are at a 20 year high.

Personally I think no one with assets in U.S. Dollars should be comfortable with this recent report from the Federal Reserve, as it shows fiduciary irresponsibility at an intollerable level for all who want to protect the value of their assets. — And yes, this is all part of the planned financial crisis which the Globalists are preparing to usher in the Great Reset of 2030: to make all banks fail and all currencies valueless, so that all must accept a monthly minimum income doled out by the state for those who go along, being happy with owning nothing.

In the meantime study carefully the value of investments and do not convert your assets from one form into another without taking a very careful look at who is selling, what the value of it really is, and what the feeds on the transaction are. And then ask yourself if the risk of converting and of holding the new asset really provides any more security than your current portfolio.

Disclosure: I am not a financial advisor or accredited agent. Do not take my advice blind, but seek a professional. But be careful since most financial advisors in the U.S.A. are incompetent and crooked and see a potential client coming for advice as a victim to be defrauded in some investment scheme. I know this from numerous relatives and friends who have been cheated out of large sums.


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  1. Way back in 2017 or 18, , a JPM Chase rep, who perhaps had one too many, told a casual group of people, …When everything goes down, we are going to be the one to bail everyone out.

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