Pope Francis explains the Aggiornamento was all about Marxist Cultural Revolution

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6 thoughts on “Pope Francis explains the Aggiornamento was all about Marxist Cultural Revolution”

  1. Since the so called ” liturgical reforms of V2 “, ( note: a very positive term that indicates legalistic legitimacy, but, not necessarily timeless truth), anyone with any sense of fair play, integrity, and true fairness, will take note that to uproot the Tridentine Latin Mass , and declare to those who treasured it,that ” You better get used to it, because it’s never coming back” were proved wrong !!
    . Pope Benedict 16th on 7/ 07/ 2007 changed the course of the V2 narrative by bringing back the LatinMass. Walking cautiously at first, with once a month Masses in designated parishes, the older TLM began to grow.This has continued with a younger generation. PopeFrancis is a committed V2 priest, and his commitment to shut us TLMers up and also shut us down, is blatantly apparent to those of us who value the deep ancient poetic and classic and holy meaning of the ancient Sacrafice of the Mass.
    Some people prefer the Opera. Some people prefer the Grand ol Opry.

  2. Who could have imagined that Argentina (of all countries!) was going to dethrone a Pope, colonize the Vatican with homosexual-marxist-peronists and spit in the face of God for a whole decade.

    God lives. Read Psalm 2 complete to know how they will end.

    Now therefore, O kings, be wise;
    be warned, O rulers of the earth.
    Serve the Lord with fear,
    with trembling kiss his feet,
    lest he will be angry, and you will be led to perish;
    for his wrath is quickly kindled.

    1. The colonization of the Church with homosexual bishops began under Paul VI. Just look how many Argentines he promoted to the episcopacy!

      1. One wonders what was the substance of his friendship with Aldo Moro and why Moro was killed by the BR. Did he know something about the Pope that was inconvenient? We will know about it on the other side.

  3. How can the church that God established need reform?! It seems to me that those trying to change it are putting themselves above God! (That certainly includes V2)

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