The NCR continues to gaslight the Catholic World about Pope Francis’ impenitence

Editor’s Note: Another shameful article from the National Catholic Register — owned an operated by EWTN — gaslighting the Catholic world. In this one, by Fr. de Souza, we are expected to embrace the wonderful “Reset at the Vatican” which Pope Francis undertook after a spirit of recognition that his ‘Gay Blessings’ initiative had failed miserably, and that he is now a changed and humble man. — I exaggerate, but that is the spirit of the article.

The contrary is in fact the truth. Pope Francis has double, triple and quadrupled down on his heretical profession, going so far as to insult the entire Catholic world for being hypocrites. Second, Cardinal Fernandez document on the validity of the sacraments is, as I have shown, a clever trick to set up the basis for a total destruction of the liturgy. And third, Pope Francis’ letter to the Jews was a horribly vicious twisting of Catholic morality and world history, as I explained here.

No, the CIA Plan for the destruction of the Church, goes one. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is their agent, and until we all want to remove him, it won’t get done. That is why the controlled opposition wants you only to lament, then calm you down, and then accept in silence that revolution. They do it every time. Maybe this time you will notice.

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