Cardinal Fernandez is attempting to out do Pope Francis

Editor’s Note: Pope Francis has already earned the moniker as the “most hypocritical pope ever to reign” among millions of Catholics on account of his denunciation of sins and vices in which he is glaringly proficient and complicit. But it seems that Cardinal Fernandez is zealous to imitate his master, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in this vicious practice, as the above news article reports. And this from a man who attempted to abuse the entire Catholic world by writing blasphemous and heretical pornography about Jesus Christ having sex with a minor on a beach — a scene he claims he took from another writer — though many in the Church consider it highly probably that the Cardinal is a raving sodomite who fantasizes about having sex with Our Lord — a thing which would be the ultimate abomination of sodom.

The reason why these two men are involved in such hypocrisy is that they are such dark and twisted characters, that they hope that if on Day A their perversity  in doctrine and morals becomes evident, that on Day B they can say something which appears Catholic or honest, so that Catholics in the world might not think so bad of them.

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