Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence at won’t tell you who thinks the Pope is a heretic

Editor’s Note: As I explained the other day, artificial intelligence is neither intelligent nor unharmful. — Today, I experimented over at which claims to use A. I. to answer your questions, and lo and behold! — Their supercomputer and database of the entire web combined with their algorithm to prevent you from discovering reality, dishes up what the Globalists want you to find and not to find. In this case, they want you to think that there is no one in the world who calls Pope Francis a heretic.

The lesson to be learned here is that Pope Francis is a globalist puppet installed by Globalists, and any threat which would lead to his removal from power is considered a level red threat to the Narrative.

And our reaction to this realization should be to devote even more effort and resources to convincing others to join the Sutri Initiative and get him deposed as there raving heretic he is. — Catholics have already begun writing letters and sending them by mail and email. We need those of the faithful who are blessed by God with material wealth to fund lobbyists who will convince the Bishops of the Roman Province to respond with decisive action. For they can get rid of Bergoglio in less than 7 days of work. Keep that goal in mind as you contemplate what more God may be calling you to do for Holy Mother Church.

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