Rev. Gommar de Pauw, Denounces CIA/Vatican II Plot, in 1967 talk in Chicago

Editor’s Note: Click to watch video version of recorded audio. — This lecture is a condemnation of the entire project of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his supporters.

Father De Pauw did not know that Vatican II was planned, funded and directed by the U. S. Government and its agents to destroy the Church from within, so he felt it necessary to say that the Council should not be rejected, but that Catholics should ask that its documents be withdrawn.

Father De Pauw attended the Second Vatican Council. He argues in this talk that all the worst and most erroneous and heretical proposals presented there at the Council were defeated at the Council. But after the council, the Aggiornamento sought to implement these defeated proposals.

In this talk, Father also recites what he believes is part of the Third Secret of Fatima.

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