The Masonic Modus Operandi used to manipulate Catholic response to Vatican II

Episode III — On the Controlled Opposition in the Traditional Catholic Movement

A very curious thing happened in response to OMC Radio TV’s first show exposing the controlled opposition in Traditional Catholic “Leadership” in the last 70 years, which seems to indicate that traditionalist leaders in the USA may get weekly meetings with French Intelligence on how to conduct their leadership roles. — AJ and Br. Bugnolo go down the rabbit hole and talk about various facts which together indicate and demonstrate government control of and interference in the Traditional Catholic response to Vatican II during the last 70 years.

Watch Part II, HERE, and part I, HERE

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2 thoughts on “The Masonic Modus Operandi used to manipulate Catholic response to Vatican II”

  1. i looked into Archbishop L. father working for MI5, and from what i read it seemed he was helping the French resistance against the nazis. I took it to be helping the British conduct air raids ?

    1. In WWI he was the leader of a spy ring throughout all of Belgium. He was stationed in neutral Netherlands. In WWII he worked again for the British to spy in Belgium, and was captured.

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