WEF: Home Gardens should be abolished, for their excessive Ecological impact

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6 thoughts on “WEF: Home Gardens should be abolished, for their excessive Ecological impact”

  1. Well, they are going to have to get rid of alot of people where I live if this is what they want to do. But establishing a garden is exactly what everyone who can should do. When they are told to get rid of it because of climate change it is going cause alot of climate change believers to think twice.

  2. If you listen to these morons, and their satanic nonsense, you will have a real life Soylent Green in the near future.
    If you don’t stop these groups, you will deserve what you get here and in the next afterlife.

  3. It should be obvious to everyone now that this organization is evil, because everyone should recognize that gardening is a wholesome activity.

  4. CO2 is not a pollutant but a building block of life. Plants thrive and produce more oxygen when CO2 increases. As well, CO2 increases as temperature increases not the other way around — as true climate science demonstrates by looking at the Earth’s historical climate data.

    The only climate change we need to address is that man made through weather warfare — chem spraying, haarp, etc. — which is causing many destructive weather events.

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