80 Years ago, the Allies Bombed Monte Cassino killing 170 Catholics

Editor’s Note: The Guardian, which is controlled by British Intelligence, wants us to think that the fault for this horrible crime against Catholics and Catholic civilization, was the fault of Pope Pius XII, when in truth the bombs rained down upon this most famous of all Benedictine Monasteries in the world, from Allied planes, at the order of an anti-catholic bigot who was the commanding U. S. Airforce leader. While the U.S. payed more than 1 Billion dollars to reconstruct the monastery after the war, as a sort of de facto reparation and admission of guilt, priceless artworks and manuscripts were lost forever. — Today, the Monastery is an extra-territorial possession of the Apostolic See. As a Benedictine community it has been struggling to attract vocations for the last 40 years. Under its high altar, still to this day, pilgrims can venerated the relics of Saints Benedict of Nursia and Scholastica, her sister. The Monastery also possesses major relicts of the Holy Cross and the Apostles and Martyrs.

You can visit the official website of the Monastery, at http://abbaziamontecassino.org/

The monastery is a Territorial Abbey, a voting member in the Provincial Council of Rome. It’s abbot, who never was a member of the Benedictine Order, was appointed three days after the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI, by the then anti-pope Francis. Throughout her history many clerics and even laymen have held the office of Abbot at Montecassino, because on account of its vast territorial possessions, the Abbey was a sort of local country capital.

Today, however, the Territorial Abbey has jurisdiction only over the Monastery and immediate grounds. There are 7 priests and 10 other religious, making it one of the smallest ecclesiastical jurisdictions in the Church, because on October 24, 2014, the antipope Francis stripped it of all territories, when he united them to the Diocese of Sora-Cassino-Pontecorvo.

Let us join in prayer to Saint Benedict that God may raise up holy vocations, from around the world, to restore this Abbey to her ancient splendor of holiness.

As for the Guardian, that they could publish such an article for the 80th anniversary of such a crime, shows that their editorial staff are completely morally depraved.

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