Do you know that Br. Bugnolo translated St. Bonaventure on the Trinity?

This book is still in print. There are 3000 copies left in storage. If Br. Bugnolo sells them, he is going to purchase some land and build a hermitage. This book was published in 2014. He has been trying for 9 years to sell these books. — Please consider getting a copy, if not for yourself, for your favorite priest, sister, monk, brother, catechist etc.. — Click the link above. — This book does ship internationally. It is in English. — Priests and Laymen and woman say its the most amazing book they have ever seen. — A Professor in Medieval Theology says its one of the best English translations ever done of any medieval text.

Brother Bugnolo has also translated Tome II, “On the Creation and Fall of Angels and Men”, and Tome III, “On the Redemption” and has begun Tome IV, “On the Sacraments”, but these last 3 Tomes he cannot finish or publish, because of lack of funds needed to complete typesetting and the work, since because of old age, brother can no longer do the work by his own hands.

Presently the storage costs alone are causing SOSM Inc. to lose thousands of dollars each year. You can help defray the storage expenses or contribute to the publication of the other 3 volumes, by clicking this image below:

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2 thoughts on “Do you know that Br. Bugnolo translated St. Bonaventure on the Trinity?”

  1. Hello, I’ve read a bit of the breviloquium and am planning on purchasing your translation of the first part of St.Bonaventure’s commentary on the sentences. If you wanted to raise even more money for your monastery I would pay you to give me classes on it. I know a little philosophy and theology so I would be prepared for it. Let me know and God bless.

    1. See the Scholasticum, at — It is my hope to get the institute operating again this fall.

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