SCOTLAND: Father Despard still cancelled after 11 years

Editor’s Note: Father Matthew Despard became famous for being the first to expose the Lavender Mafia in Scotland, being run by the late Cardinal Keith O’Brian. His accusations against the infiltrators in the Church in Scotland turned out to be right, yet his bishop is still demanding he “apologize”.

Perhaps it was imprudent from one point of view for him to name names in his book, but if the local Church becomes so corrupt, that it’s purification can only be by such action, why should the priest who loves the Church so much as to risk his career be punished? Let us pray for and support priests like Father Despard who are the true heroes and warriors of justice in our age.

His Bishop is Msgr. Joseph Anthony Toal. Bishop Toal’s principal consecrator is the very man whom Father Despard exposed, Cardinal O’Brian, whose crimes and perversions were so great, that he was one of the very few Cardinals ever asked by the College of Cardinals to not attend a Conclave so as to avoid scandal.

You can write letters or call in support of Father Despard to his Bishop, remonstrating with him to restore Father to active ministry. You might want to try to reason with the Bishop, by saying that by refusing to restore Father Despard to ministry he is sending the wrong message to the entire Catholic community in Scotland, injuring gravely the trust which all need to have in the Church, by seemingly persecuting a whistle-blower years after he was proven right. If the bishop on account of his personal friendship with the late Cardinal cannot bring himself to restore Father Despard to activity ministry, he can avoid personal involvement by delegating this responsibility and authority to his Vicar by special written decree.

Bishop Joseph Anthony Toal
Diocesan Centre
Coursington Road
Motherwell ML1 1PP
Lanarkshire, Scotland
Great Britain

Telephone: +44 (01698)269.114

Fax: +44 (01698) 275.630

It is my hope that the greater Catholic community world-wide, might come to understand that whereas the plight of cancelled priests is horrible wherever they be, those men of God who have been cancelled for exposing corruption in the Church are of a species much more excellent than those who were cancelled for lesser reasons.

Father Despard still has a group of Faithful who defend and support him. He was one of the heroes who kept the Mass going during the Scamdemic. His supporters have a FaceBook page, here, which contains a wealth of information and links to other reports about his plight and fight.

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  1. There is something so wrong in the Church and in the Media. Christians are being so persecuted, and few care enough to try and stop it.

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