VATICAN: Pope Francis names BioNTech VP to Pontifical Academy of Life

Editor’s Note: This nomination, to the purely honorary body known as the Pontifical Academy of Life — which is not an academy at all and which Pope Francis is filling with notorious enemies of life — hits all the political buttons. Since Katalin Kariko was a Communist Intelligence Agent, an Illegal Immigrant, and an early researcher into mRNA technology which was used by Moderna to murder millions. — This appointment is another forensic fact to show that Pope Francis has entirely rejected God the Creator and Lord of Life. — But this appointment reflects also the deep ideological and moral ties of the Saint Gallen Mafia with the Nazi Regime. — Pope Francis should just come out in the open and appoint Klaus Barbie and Josef Mengele next!

Meanwhile, the consistent hypocrisy and program of moral confusion willed by the CIA is being brought forward by Pope Francis daily, because one could say to Pope Francis: what about all those victims of the DeathVaxx that you urged take the poison as an act of love?

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