What Globalists will do on the final day before Agenda 2030 – You have 6 years to prepare!

Click above to watch AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss the planned CyberAttack on all financial institutions and how it will usher in “You will own nothing, but be happy”. Or watch via Rumble, below:

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4 thoughts on “What Globalists will do on the final day before Agenda 2030 – You have 6 years to prepare!”

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts has been working with several states to prompt the states to create Sovereign State Banks backed by gold and silver. (I remember hearing her say that Tennessee was one of the states she has been working with.) Here’s one of her papers on it:


    Catherine was recently speaking to Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog about the fate of the dollar. Here’s that interview:


    1. There are some major problems with her proposals. First, State control of the bouillon offers to real protection from Globalist control, as can be seen by the total globalist control of nearly every state during the Scamdemic. — Second, having a physical depository for gold and silver does not address at all the need for a fungible use of gold and silver in financial transactions. If she is proposing an electronic balance sheet of anykind then she is offering no liberty from the surveillence state at all. Too little, is the sum of what she is proposing, in my opinion.

      Next week I will discuss this matter more in depth.

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