Gloria.TV goes Arian

Editor’s Note: Imagine Jesus bible stumping at your door, handing out bibles. Jesus the proddie evangelist. But to imagine that, you have to think that Jesus Christ is just another Christian, who appeals to Scripture for His Authority. And that is the heresy of Arianism. Shame on Gloria.TV, for opposing heresy with heresy. This is the worst misfire yet, since it is a blasphemy against the Living God in the Person of the Eternal Son.

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2 thoughts on “Gloria.TV goes Arian”

  1. With all due respect for you Br. B, are you saying the canon of Holy Scripture has no useful authority in identifying and refuting heresy? Even more confusing to me is your implication that Jesus would not use the Scriptures to refute the Bergoglio heresies when He did so confronting Satan’s lies.
    Maybe I may be missing something here but it seems to me you are saying using Scripture to refute heresy reflects a heretical view of Scripture! ?
    To me there is no ecclesiastical or political procedure that Catholics can take that will solve the massive spiritual problem that has overwhelmed the Catholic Church, which was created when men, on both the right and left, used carnal means and human reason, rather than spiritual means and wisdom to build and maintain the corporal structure of the Church.

    1. I am not saying anything more than I am saying. And you are not seeing in the meme, what I am refering to. That is because I am a cradle Catholic, and you are an ex protestant minister. As a Catholic I know that God is God and scripture is a book recording what God has said through His servants. God does not distribute bibles, men do. That is why it is Arian to depict Jesus as such.

      Also the Catholic Church composed the Bible, not Jesus. So Jesus never held a bible and certain not after His Ascension. Nor has He in any apparition to a Saint carried a bible in hand.

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