Cardinal Mueller: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is contrary to the perennial teaching of the Church

Editor’s Note: The Cardinal after 60 days is still trying to save Pope Francis from a charge of heresy. He wants us to believe that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ by approving blessings for those who are in an objective state of mortal sin through a practice which is condemned absolutely by God is only teaching contrary to the deposit of the faith, but is not heretical in the sense of being heresy, but only in the sense of leading to heresy.

That is like saying, a drug is not lethal but is only poisonous.

This is why Cardinal Mueller’s article is published by First Things, a Skull and Bones publication which has always sought to protect Pope Francis from the charge he was an antipope, when he was an anitpope and from being a heretic after ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Since the Benz interview was published, I believe that thinking Catholics will now have to consider carefully everything this Cardinal says and does, because he seems to have been given instructions to stay within a CIA narrative. And while that does not mean he is a CIA agent, it definitely means he is working for their agenda — and yes, I just employed Mueller’s logic against him.

It was clear from the first hour after ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published that it was formally heretical, promoted blasphemy and sacrilege (because it said and authorized the abuse of the Divine Name to approve of sin, it instructed the priests of God to commit this horrible sacrilege against the Second Commandment of the Decalogue) and most dishonestly encouraged the entire Catholic world to accept this as an authentic growth in the understanding of the Gospel. BUT the Cardinal has taken 60 times 24 times longer to say, “it is contrary to the teaching of the Church, but not heretical”. It should be obvious that he has some strong motive for misrepresenting the truth.

For a complete list of my critiques of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and of the news about ‘Fiducia suplicans’ as covered by FromRome.Info, see the Top menu of FromRome.Info and click on “Contra Fiducia supplicans”.

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