Finally, they admit that FromRome.Info was right all along ….

With the help of many friends, FromRome.Info stood against the Scamdemic and DeathVaxx from the start, and never changed course. Finally, the experts undertaking the largest international Covid “Vaccine” study agree that these injections were deadly, lethal, and dangerous … However, IT IS NOT OVER, because though they admit the DeathVaxxes caused death, they still say they are “safe” to take! And they say this to attempt to get you to accept their psychotic answer as “A OK”, so that you become a victim of induced psychosis itself. This has been their modus operandi from the start of the Scamdemic. These people are so dishonest and sick that they should all be removed from their positions. Nuremburg 2.0 should try them and the only just sentence I could see for the many charges against them for participating in a plot of democide, is “to be hung by the neck until dead”, as is said in English Crown Courts from time immemorial.

This study demonstrates that FromRome.Info and journals like it, which were right from the start, practice authentic and professional journalism and accept true and forensically verifiable science. If you consider supporting any media outlet, restrict your funding to such organizations and truth-tellers and entirely abandon “Main Stream Media”, which only main streams lies, propaganda and calumnies, like Father Matthew Schneider has done, in an attempt to silence true journalists.

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9 thoughts on “Finally, they admit that FromRome.Info was right all along ….”

  1. I do not know if then President Donald Trump was duped or not but … he was part of the crew promoting the fast approval and production of the vaccine. Frankly, it was either complicit or grossly incompetent. I am no Liberal by any stretch of the imagination but PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that snafu before voting him again into office.

    1. Sir,

      Reading during a few days will answer your question, and eventually other related ones.

      For a more direct approach, please enter in the (google, or whatever) address bar:

      Trump site:


      Doing so will deliver a list of articles related to Mr. Trump, courtesy of Mr. Makow.

      With regards.

      1. Sir,

        I saw how Mr. Trump promised and then bragged of developing a vaccine in record time. Millions can attest to that. Who and I going to believe, my own eyes and ears or the Trump site?

  2. This is a start, but it is not enough. Unless the media properly educates the population in the dangers of the vaccines in such a way that gets people to repent of having taken it, and applogizes to those who suffered because they refused to take it – I will not believe this anything other than damage control. After all, as Bill Gates said, “The next one will surely get their attention.”

    1. If an untrustworthy man says that yes, 2+2=4, what is there to distrust about him? Don’t trust him because he says it, but take his confirmation of the truth as a notable news event.

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